Friday, April 26, 2013


Fire and ice and everything in between.  
It is will.  
A purpose that guides you, an impulse that sets hand to motion.
It can be a wholly creative or destructive force.  
It is elemental, to be sure, but not in the way we are taught to think.  
It is the passage of Time, not a frozen moment.
Like life, it is a verb, not a noun.

To think of it as something Romantic is, I believe, 
To limit understanding of it and of ourselves, greatly.  

It is flow.  
It is the water from the spout-- hot or cold... a drip-drip-drip or a steady stream... 
Yet, not the water itself, but the action-- 
The motion-- of it moving through our lives.  

It is never, no matter what we may think,
Absent from our presence.
Nor has it left our bosom due to circumstance.
It is a constant, yet always in flux,
Ever changing, morphing, keeping time
With our experiences, our desires, and yes,
Even our doubts.

Never mourn its loss,
Simply quiet yourself long enough to hear
It's new rhythm, find the Tempo
And fall back in step with it.
It is not an outcome or a destination, 
But a journey...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Surprise Yourself

I think that everyone should flip a coin to decide at least one thing every day.
It could be something as benign as which flavor of yogurt to pull from the fridge, or as important as whether or not to go to work that day, but whatever it is, it should add a little anarchy to your day.  Because when we feel stuck in a rut, the only thing to do is introduce a little spontaneity into your life.

We all fall into routines, all find a comfort zone, that sooner or later, whether we want it to or not, can grow bars and turn into a cage.  The only way to avoid this is to surprise yourself.  Give yourself the freedom to choose wrongly, and don't sweat the outcome because, hey... it was only chance.

Now, the nature of the thing seems impossible, for you must think to choose, and if you premeditate, how could you possibly be spontaneous?  The answer... flip a coin.  

Step One:
Find a good one.  It doesn't need to be currency, but something with two discernible sides... something weighted, that feels good in your hand.  It should make you smile when you reach into your purse or your pocket-- something that reminds you of silliness and freedom and irresponsibility and fun.

Step Two:
Flip it.

You never know what is going to create a spark inside you, so why not take a chance and surprise yourself?  You may find yourself somewhere you never you thought you would go... or turn a bad day around with a simple flip of your hand.


Monday, April 22, 2013


I love the rain.
I love the rain and all it represents.
It is synonymous with Spring.
It can cleanse, nurture, shelter...
Cover the world in a protective blanket, 
muffle the daily din and transform
the urban beat into a rural, peaceful patter.

It ushers in green where there was only gray,
And soaks into everything underneath,
Making our roots equal to our resolve--
Gutters spilling over with Hope,
Paving a path out of the cold 
and into the blue, orange and yellow 
Heart of all things and
Of the Summer to come.

I grow weary of Winter and Summer,
Never of Autumn or Spring.
Yet, now it is not time for gold and crimson,
But for pink and purple, puddles and play,
Buds and birds and...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Frozen Ass Balls

I fail a lot.  At all kinds of things.
I break things, forget them, I'm late...
It would be a flat-out lie to say that I succeed as much as I fail, because I don't.  
Not even close.  No one does.
Think of how many times you failed to balance before you learned to ride a bike... 
How many swings did you take before you hit the ball?  
How many freakish, misshapen, frozen ass balls did you create
before finally building a decent snowman?  

Failure has become my friend.   
I spend more time with him than anyone, so why not embrace him?
He's a non-judgmental, jovial rogue who supports me, by, as the kids say:
Keepin' it real.
He doesn't care what kind of day I'm having, or how much I may need a win that month...
He doesn't keep score, and he'll never, ever stop.

Sure, when I think I'm heading towards lovely lady success,
It can be jarring, or downright depressing, 
to come face-to-face with the cosmic Ashton Kutcher springing out from behind a shrub, but...

What am I going to do?
Stand still so he doesn't see me?  
Hide from everyone, so I don't come across anyone? 

Nope.  I don't fear failure because I'm so familiar with him.  
And that, my friends, is the secret he doesn't want you to know.  
It takes the fun out of his job.  Takes the mystique out of the man behind the curtain,
And puts the power to try back where it belongs...
With your desire.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Work in Progress

Chasing my Mojo, smoke in my hands...
Balance, Equilibrium, 
Eyes closed, my Hope open.

Can't push-pull, can't climb, crawl or dig...
The harder I try, 
The further away I get.

Standing still brings me closer.

Yet, just when I'm there,
I reach to quickly
Or hold too tightly...

I forget myself and the chase begins anew.

I am always finding... and losing...
And finding again.

My Mojo, like my life,
A work in progress.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coming or Going?

Isn't it wonderful how altering your state of mind can make an action change its meaning?
Every open road has two lanes: One venturing away, the other returning home.

Departure... adventure... a longing to explore and reach out.  
Even a familiar destination... excitement bubbles to the surface-- anything can happen.
Opportunity to strike out in a new direction, fly past your comfort zone--
To wander... learn... forge building blocks for something joyous. 

Return.. homecoming... a longing for comfort and security... 
Growth...  lessons learned, renewed vigor...
New experiences applied to the pieces of you where the roots lay--
Familiar surroundings seem brighter... 
Knocking the dust off of things taken for granted.

Exploring our perspectives is the closest we will ever get to understanding real Truth.

 Our lives are beautiful pyramids built of glass,
And the meaning we search for (everywhere), merely reflected light off it's surface.
Yet, if we turn the prism and let the light filter though it...
We can see something entirely new... and usually, something we never expected.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Other Guy

I always feel like there are two versions of me: The man I am today...
 and this guy.
There is a version of myself that is in the here and now 
and my other, "better" self, waiting in the wings.  
An idealistic example of the me that I am always striving to be.
On rare occasions, these two souls meet, but mostly, one just watches the other--
a reflection, no doubt,
but each claims to possess a different part of me.
I think I am a better person for the effort required, one, chasing the other--
The me in the moment striving to be more and 
the me in my head yearning to be in the moment.
This dance, this... conversation I am constantly having with myself,
is a part of every decision I make... of every choice I choose.
And because of that, I know the one thing that both these guys understand
Is that one can't live without the other.
Certainty is the brazen siren's song-- an echo-- not your own.
Vulnerability... well, that... that is the only true way to find your Voice. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Not so small...

Life isn’t about landmarks.  It isn’t about Point A and Point B.  It’s about the little things… the living, breathing, connective tissue that joins those big spaces in time and offers us a seemingly infinite number of tiny possibilities to choose…

To choose happiness over sadness, hope over despair, creativity over stagnation, or love over anger.  It is in those smallest of moments—when we are taken by surprise… when no one is looking… when the cameras aren’t rolling… behind the curtain… when we are immersed in the moment and not thinking about what comes next… or just watching a beautiful, little boy laugh as hard as he possibly can… it is upon these moments that our lives are built.  And, if we are really paying attention, we can learn such wonderful lessons about a life well-lived.

So, those little things… well, they aren’t really little at all.


Starting a fire is a delicate thing.   
You have to prepare the foundation so as to give that first spark enough opportunity to catch... 
to breathe... and to grow.  
You can't be so eager for it's warmth... it's glow... 
that you don't allow that initial touch of lightning to do what comes naturally in it's own time.  
You can coax it, but you can't force it.  
You must remain vigilant to its progress without meddling so much as to smother it's beginning.  
Not every spark will take.
Some fires burn out fast, some create everlasting ember and some... 
sadly... never share with the world anything beyond their initial brilliance, 
like a sparkler-child running through the twilight on the Fourth of July.
The secret is...
It doesn't matter.
There is no ground so damp it cannot be built upon,
Nor is there a darkness so deep that a single, solitary spark cannot illuminate...
For a second or a lifetime...
Well, that's up to us.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Around the Bend

I don't know where this path leads, but like so many times before, 
I set forth on a journey with a single step forward.
Everything seems... new... exciting... possible...

I don't know where I'll be once I get around that bend out of sight,
I know where I THINK I am headed, where, perhaps, I'd like to be...
But, certainty of destination... nope.

Certainty of purpose?  Yes.

And, most importantly... I know I am not alone.
For as we all know, it isn't so much the view as you go...
Or the finish line...
But who you're walking with.