Friday, April 12, 2013

The Other Guy

I always feel like there are two versions of me: The man I am today...
 and this guy.
There is a version of myself that is in the here and now 
and my other, "better" self, waiting in the wings.  
An idealistic example of the me that I am always striving to be.
On rare occasions, these two souls meet, but mostly, one just watches the other--
a reflection, no doubt,
but each claims to possess a different part of me.
I think I am a better person for the effort required, one, chasing the other--
The me in the moment striving to be more and 
the me in my head yearning to be in the moment.
This dance, this... conversation I am constantly having with myself,
is a part of every decision I make... of every choice I choose.
And because of that, I know the one thing that both these guys understand
Is that one can't live without the other.
Certainty is the brazen siren's song-- an echo-- not your own.
Vulnerability... well, that... that is the only true way to find your Voice. 


  1. "Vulnerability... well, that... that is the only true way to find your Voice." Sometimes hard but always true. And for the record, I'm pretty fond of both guys.