Monday, April 22, 2013


I love the rain.
I love the rain and all it represents.
It is synonymous with Spring.
It can cleanse, nurture, shelter...
Cover the world in a protective blanket, 
muffle the daily din and transform
the urban beat into a rural, peaceful patter.

It ushers in green where there was only gray,
And soaks into everything underneath,
Making our roots equal to our resolve--
Gutters spilling over with Hope,
Paving a path out of the cold 
and into the blue, orange and yellow 
Heart of all things and
Of the Summer to come.

I grow weary of Winter and Summer,
Never of Autumn or Spring.
Yet, now it is not time for gold and crimson,
But for pink and purple, puddles and play,
Buds and birds and...

1 comment:

  1. Love your alliteration: "Buds and birds and...
    Beginnings." This sums up spring for me. "Gutters spilling over with Hope." So lovely. I am aching to get to this beautiful place you're writing about. Soon . . .