Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coming or Going?

Isn't it wonderful how altering your state of mind can make an action change its meaning?
Every open road has two lanes: One venturing away, the other returning home.

Departure... adventure... a longing to explore and reach out.  
Even a familiar destination... excitement bubbles to the surface-- anything can happen.
Opportunity to strike out in a new direction, fly past your comfort zone--
To wander... learn... forge building blocks for something joyous. 

Return.. homecoming... a longing for comfort and security... 
Growth...  lessons learned, renewed vigor...
New experiences applied to the pieces of you where the roots lay--
Familiar surroundings seem brighter... 
Knocking the dust off of things taken for granted.

Exploring our perspectives is the closest we will ever get to understanding real Truth.

 Our lives are beautiful pyramids built of glass,
And the meaning we search for (everywhere), merely reflected light off it's surface.
Yet, if we turn the prism and let the light filter though it...
We can see something entirely new... and usually, something we never expected.

1 comment:

  1. So true. There is beauty in both journeys but it's our attitude that determines everything. All the work we do starts from inside the pyramid.