Monday, April 15, 2013

Work in Progress

Chasing my Mojo, smoke in my hands...
Balance, Equilibrium, 
Eyes closed, my Hope open.

Can't push-pull, can't climb, crawl or dig...
The harder I try, 
The further away I get.

Standing still brings me closer.

Yet, just when I'm there,
I reach to quickly
Or hold too tightly...

I forget myself and the chase begins anew.

I am always finding... and losing...
And finding again.

My Mojo, like my life,
A work in progress.


  1. "Eyes closed, my Hope open." Love this. Such a delicate balance. Oh, and love the pic. Wish I would have found that! :)

  2. I was liking that line too! Even during a time of lost mojo, that "hope open" is optimistic - is almost a mini mojo - it's almost like your mojo is with you even when you aren't aware of it & are actively chasing it ~