Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Surprise Yourself

I think that everyone should flip a coin to decide at least one thing every day.
It could be something as benign as which flavor of yogurt to pull from the fridge, or as important as whether or not to go to work that day, but whatever it is, it should add a little anarchy to your day.  Because when we feel stuck in a rut, the only thing to do is introduce a little spontaneity into your life.

We all fall into routines, all find a comfort zone, that sooner or later, whether we want it to or not, can grow bars and turn into a cage.  The only way to avoid this is to surprise yourself.  Give yourself the freedom to choose wrongly, and don't sweat the outcome because, hey... it was only chance.

Now, the nature of the thing seems impossible, for you must think to choose, and if you premeditate, how could you possibly be spontaneous?  The answer... flip a coin.  

Step One:
Find a good one.  It doesn't need to be currency, but something with two discernible sides... something weighted, that feels good in your hand.  It should make you smile when you reach into your purse or your pocket-- something that reminds you of silliness and freedom and irresponsibility and fun.

Step Two:
Flip it.

You never know what is going to create a spark inside you, so why not take a chance and surprise yourself?  You may find yourself somewhere you never you thought you would go... or turn a bad day around with a simple flip of your hand.


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